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Steve DSouza | Photographer

Code :  CL252
Title :  Steve DSouza | Photographer
Location :  Mulund
Mobile :   Steve DSouza - +91 9821180447 Fax
Address :   Mumbai

Mumbai photographer, Steve DíSouza comes from a background of Aviation with Cathay Pacific Airways. While toying around with his digital camera he realized that he could pull off much more tricks than any illusionist. He waved goodbye to the 747s and took up Photography as a full time profession; there has been no looking back since. Apart from lending his photography expertise to MTVís Making the Cut, Maybelline Maybe Itís Me and UTVís The Pitch, he has written and shot for various global air shows and travel features. Filled with an insatiable lust for life and a passion for his art, Steve is skilled in Portraiture, Fashion, Commercial, Travel and Wedding Photography. He is one of the favourites of the many brides whose smiles and hearts he has captured with his captivating work. His gift of the gab and talent for the written word add to his eye for detail and his ability to multi-task in fast paced environments, making him a fun and efficient photographer to work with. Currently Steve is honing his skills being part of the editorial team of a photography magazine; a food and beverage magazine; and an aerospace magazine, and wanting to keep the variety alive, is looking forward to exciting new challenges. https

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