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Code :  CL386
Location :  Colaba
Mobile :   PARAM - 09820198937 Fax
Address :   72 / A, Maker Arcade, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400005

“Riwaz” – The term “Riwaz” means tradition. An age or an Old tradition of the relationship a woman shares with beauty and grace, where jewellery enhances her charm. Riwaz Jewel in a concept of hand-craft and casting jewellery that would blend traditional designs of the past with contemporary styles for the future. We make jewellery in Diamonds, precious & semi-precious Gemstones. These stones are beautifully embedded in gold. We create jewellery that each of our eye- catches. We make jewellery which not only lasts you a lifetime, but will also become an integral part of your family tradition. Where the dreams and desire meet and make design in the budget. We also make custom made jewellery & designs as per your requirement & Budget with special offers, Especially on Wedding Jewellery!!!!!!

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