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Prism Custom Cards

Code :  CL430
Title :  Prism Custom Cards
Location :  Kandivali
Mobile :   Heemanish Midde - 9892110010 Fax
Address :   Kandivali East

We are a Trio, who know each other well for quite a few years. But then, saying that we know each other very well, might not be completely true simply because that would mean that there is nothing much left to explore in each other! And that, we believe, would lead to end of curiosity. This is in fact true of any Individual. Is not that only the DNA of any human-being is unique. No. Every Individual is Unique! This might seem to be very bland statement, but come to think of it….how many times have you reflected/shown your Individuality? Still Thinking? This is where we thought of giving this Tinge of Uniqueness to people who want to Celebrate Life. Celebrate Life? Yup…Celebrate Special Occasions…Birthdays, Engagement Ceremony, House Warming Occasion, Wedding Ceremony, Inauguration, etc. etc. Imagine, inviting your friends & relatives with an Invitation Card that is as Special as You/Occasion. Imagine an Invitation Card that is prepared only for You, by Us. Imagine the praise you may get for your artistic sensibilities. Imagine the appreciation you may get for being so UNIQUE. This is where we would like to partner with You. We just want to a small part of your Big Happiness. We would like to help you discover the Joy of creating an Invitation Card that will stand out from the crowd and of course pull in the maximum crowd for the Special Occasion.

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